Blood Lust with Dolly Dreadful

Blood Lust with Dolly Dreadful
Dolly was a simple housewife, who was devoted to her husband and was always faithful to him; until she met Anastasia. Ever since Anastasia cast her spell on the innocent woman, Dolly has left her previous dull life behind to become a full-fledged member of the Vampire Empire! Dolly Dreadful, as we like to call her, didn’t know it, but she loves to eat pussy, and after the spell was cast, she spent less time at home and more time at the Xxx Horror Castle. But she hasn’t just been eating pussy, she’s been fucking and sucking anything she can get inside of her. She’s still fully human but not for long! One night she nicked herself while playing with a dagger and the floodgates of blood lust burst wide open! Here’s how it happened.

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